1. What material are IQBottles made from?

IQBottles are made from high quality polypropylene (indicated with the number 5 or the abbreviation PP). This is the best material recommended by professionals for direct contact with foodstuffs for day-to-day use. The polypropylene material we use is highly inert, imparting no odour on the beverages contained inside, and providing an unsuitable environment for moulds and bacteria. Maintenance is very simple. Bottles will last several years with regular care. The bottles are made in the Czech Republic.

2. What material are the remaining parts made from?

The cap for IQBottles is also made from high quality polypropylene (indicated with the number 5 or the abbreviation PP). Interchangeable accessories are manufactured using a special inert silicone material safe for contact with foodstuffs. The colours and dyes that we use are also safe for contact with foodstuffs. The sports tops are manufactured in Austria and are also made from high quality polypropylene. Covers and cover parts are manufactured in Slovakia.

3. Why are there 5 sports tops in a pack?

This is because the sports tops are susceptible to trapping contaminants in the cavities through which fluid is drained out. The tops should be replaced for hygienic reasons at least once a month (and the same goes for every bottle with a sports top). The replacement interval does depend on the manner and frequency of use. Tops are available separately in packs of 5.

4. What parts are dishwasher safe?

The bottle body and the cover are dishwasher safe. We do not recommend washing sports tops (simply open and flush with running water) or silicone accessories in a dishwasher. We do not recommend placing the accessories in a dishwasher as frequent washing will result in colour loss and fading.

5. How is your product different from ordinary plastic bottles for children?

Based on a long-term 12-month test with more than 100 respondents, we received feedback from 56% of the respondents that their children drank more fluids compared to their previous bottle. The respondents confirmed that the playfulness of the product and the ability for children to personalise them using the included stickers were the primary attributes they saw as important for improving the hydration of their children. Simply put, we provide kids with a new perspective on staying hydrated and lead them to do so in a playful manner. Children are also more careful with their bottles and forget them at school or during after school activities less often.

6. Can I put warm, hot and carbonated beverages in the bottle?

Warm beverages may be put inside the bottle but please note that the bottle will warm to the same temperature as the beverage inside. We do not recommend putting hot or carbonated beverages inside because the sports top will not hold the pressure of a carbonated beverage and it will leak. Hot beverages will heat up the bottle to such an extent that it becomes impossible for a child to hold it in their hand!

7. What is the target age group for your product?

IQBottles are suitable for children aged 2 and above, or children who already have their baby teeth and can use a sports top on a bottle. We recommend that parents not give children under the age of 3 a sports top to play with or disassemble a top because it does contain small components that a child could attempt to separate and place in their mouth. All other parts are safe for even the smallest children to play with.

8. What does it mean when a bottle is microwave safe?

This means that you can heat up a beverage inside the bottle in a microwave oven without worrying that the bottle will be as hot as the hot liquid you are heating inside. The material this bottle is made from is highly resistant to high temperatures and therefore does not release any substances into beverages, even when heated in a microwave oven.

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